He can be a bit scatterbrained, but when it comes to cooking, Mung Daal's an expert who pours his heart into every dish. Mung also thinks he's a ladies man and offers Chowder advice about finding love.

Mung Daal
Chow mung 174x252
Species: Smurf
Age: 80
Friends: Chowder, Shnitzel, Truffles
Relatives: Truffles (wife)
Alias(es): Old Man, Mr. Daal, Greatest Chef in the World, Pappa
First Appearance: The Froggy Apple Crumble Thumpkin


Despite being married, he likes to flirt with ladies, and considers himself quite the Ladies' Man. Despite his flirtatious behavior, he is a loyal and loving husband to his wife Truffles. In the episode "Mung on the Rocks," he descends into a deep depression when Truffles ignores him for forgetting their 450th anniversary. He also thinks his apprentice Chowder is a pain, but really cares about him and genuinely thinks the boy will grow up to be a great chef. Mung usually gets mad at him, but is worried when he is missing for a long period of time of dinng He also sometimes forgets that old man isn't his son. He doesn't believe in superstition.


Mung is one of the main characters also . He is a blue, tall, and skinny smurf-like male with a big, swollen-looking nose, buck teeth, human-like ears and a long neck. He sports a pale blue handlebar elephant's tusk-like mustache that looks like it's coming out of his nose, and he has very short hair on top of his head. He wears a white buttoned shirt, glasses, brown shoes, black socks, and a green and red plaid Scottish kilt. He rarely wears a white chef's hat. He also has a cat-like tail, which might just be a joke from the editors. He is sometimes seen with pink eyes. As a child, however, Young Mung portrayed a green coloyther than his trademark blue color and wore a yellow shirt with an orange long-sleeved over shirt, an orange kilt and an orange hat. As a younger man he had blue hair and a blue mustache.

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